Scot Kramarich

Scott Kramarich began his career in games as a Designer for Activision. From there, he moved to Production/Director roles working at several companies: Activision, Dreamworks Interactive,, Electronic Arts, Warner Bros Interactive Ent, and is now freelancing in the game and mobile app industries. A highly qualified manager with 15+ years experience in software development, he also has direct experience with advertising, public relations, client relationship management and strategy formulation/implementation

John Ahlquist

John has over 20 years experience in the games industry with over fifteen major commercial applications and games ship. John processes the skills and experience to do rapid, high quality software development. He has worked on nearly every game platform and is the proprietor of Ahlquist Software. 

vested interest

Vested Interest is the design team behind simian.inteface as well as several other unreleased gems. With a solid foundation garnered from renown Game Development learning Institutions they cut their teeth in the AAA space. Finally having enough from the establishment they started hacking on ideas that have been germinating for years. vi is the sum of its parts – pure design for design. More to come…