Our Mission



Bullseye-Studio is an experienced, high quality, free to play game development group that approaches the process through the implementation of solid production methodologies, a sound technology base and a keen sense of what appeals to our target group through user analytics.

Our History



Bullseye-Studio is a development studio headed by four principals. For over 10 years Scot Kramarich and John Ahlquist have partnered on projects ranging from next generation game technology to mobile free to play titles. Several years ago the brilliant design team from Vested Interest partnered with Bullseye to bring their creation simian.interface to iOS. Our team has tremendous skills and experience to do rapid, high quality software development. Specializing in great games we also increase users, reduce time to complete development while still producing a high quality product for cross platform distribution (online, mobile/tablet and downloadable/streaming ukrainian-womens games).

Available on the Windows Store & iOS
Coming Soon to Android